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One platform for everything in Bioeconomy Climate-Tech Agriculture & Forestry Food & Beverage Biomaterials Biotechnology Aquaculture Renewable Energy Water Waste Reduction CO2 Removal

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Gain Insights from Data

Explore, filter, and analyse 32,000+ Organizations & Solutions

Numerous datapoints (e.g., Competitors, Technology Specifications, References), Proprietary Bioeconomy Taxonomy, 4-stage data generation process, Bioshyft GPT as our AI tool and Bioshyft’s Scouting & Industry Experts at your fingertips.

Uncover Opportunities

Promote your Products / Technologies / Services and Request Resources and Expertise

Benefit from automated matchmaking, opportunity to pre-select applications, own-branded promotion pages and Bioshyft’s Scouting & Industry Experts.

Use the Power of the Crowd

Chat with Experts and promote your Organization & Solutions beyond Bioshyft

Communicate via direct messaging, schedule calls, send surveys to our community, bookmark profiles and share content via email and social media.


Assess Opportunities

Screen, prioritize and analyse Opportunities with your Team Members

Get access to Bioshyft’s Opportunity Funnel Feature, collaborate with team members and get advice from Bioshyft’s Scouting & Industry Experts.

Bioshyft Navigator & Marketplace​

Uncover the world’s most promising Bioeconomy Players and Solutions. 


like early- and ​late-stage Startups from Pre-seed to Growth Stage.


like Business Angels, Venture Capitalists, Corporate VCs, Private Equity and more.

Discover Incubators & Accelerators

including Co-Working Spaces and Technology Center's.

Discover Corporates
& Service Providers​

including large Enterprises, SMEs, Service Providers, Consultancies, and Self-Employed Persons / Freelancers.


like Hardware / Machinery, Software, Products, Services, Patents and other Offers.


like Funding, Talent, Trials / Tests, Expertise, RFPs, Consulting, Collaboration & more Requests.

Detailed public and private market datasets, verified and ever-expanding

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Cut through market & innovation noise with Bioshyft

Explore how Bioshyft’s Scouting & Industry Experts can help you.

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Global Maps for Bioeconomy Climate-Tech Agriculture & Forestry Food & Beverage Biomaterial Biotechnology Aquaculture Renewable Energy Water Waste Reduction CO2 Removal

Scout Players and Solutions from Bio-based Industries in your region from 32,000+ global entries.

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Join Bioshyft’s fast-growing Community

Key benefits Bioshyft can offer

Experience benefits way beyond our database & community


Automatic matching of offers and requests on our marketplace.


Multiple communication, collaboration & sharing features for Bioshyft community and beyond.

Scouting & Industry Expert

Your Scouting & Industry Expert enables you to get the most out of Bioshyft.

Opportunity Funnel
& Analysis Feature

Build you own Opportunity Funnel and analyze opportunities with team members or partner companies.

Add your
custom Branding

Brand and individualize your offers and requests via custom content blocks and our Pages Feature.


Bioshyft has its own proprietary segmentation logic designed for the Bioeconomy with 5-layer detail level.


32k+ global Bioeconomy Companies and Solutions with multiple datapoints.

Advanced Data Generation

We combine data engineering and Bioshyft GPT with robust verification processes.

Data Export

Your Scouting & Industry Expert can prepare a custom data export for you.​

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