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Bioshyft combines all key farming sectors

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Field Farming

Scout latest field technology, irrigation systems, bio-based crop protection & more​

Agricultural-input innovations in seeds, fertilizers, and crop protection are essential facing world’s increasing population, scarce ­arable land, and climate change. Bioshyft covers innovations such as Seed Optimization, Bio-based Crop Protection, Biofertilizer, Biostimulants, Green Chemistry, Soil Management, and more.

Controlled-Environment Agriculture (CEA)​

Compare indoor farming systems like aquaponics or container farms to increase efficiency ​

Controlled-environment agriculture refers to the growing of crops and plants in a protected environment (e.g. indoor agriculture). The idea of CEA is to maintain optimal growing conditions throughout the development of the crop. CEA consist of Hydroponics, Aquaponics, Aeroponics, Soil-based & Hybrid Systems, Greenhouses, Vertical Farming, Container Systems, Space Farming, and more.​

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Innovative forest technologies are required for our forests to adapt climate change​

Forests play a crucial part of our ecosystem, support biodiversity, and help to reduce carbon emissions. While agriculture, urbanization and climate change have coursed deforestation, new technologies allow to protect forests. These innovations involve Forest Biotechnology, Monitor and Analytics, Silviculture and Fire Management, Pest Control, On-site Processing, Timber Tract Operations, and more.

Mushroom Farming​

Discover new mushroom farming technologies creating resources for innovative biomaterials​

Mushroom farming is the cultivation of mushrooms for consumption, compost production, construction, packaging and other usages. Mushrooms are highly nutritious and represent a sustainable food source and require minimal resources. The optimization of growing conditions are related to Mushroom Protection and Stimulants, Outdoor Logs Cultivation Systems, Indoor Trays Cultivation Systems, and more.

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Insect Farming​

Huge potential of insects due to better protein conversion rate compared to livestock ​

Insect farming is the raising and breeding of insects which are farmed for the commodities they produce (e.g. silk, honey, lac etc.), for food, for feed and other reasons. Insects are sustainable protein sources with less environmental impact than soya or fishmeal. Insects include species like Bees, Black Soldier Flies, Crickets, Silkworms, Mealworms, and more.

Pasture-raised (PR) Livestock Farming

Find new monitoring and analytics systems for Pasture-raised Livestock Farming​

The environmental impact of livestock production is smaller with pasture-raised animals. Less fossil fuel is required to raise and harvest feed or spread manure. Examples of Livestock Farming involve Pasture-Raised Cattle, – Pig, – and Sheep applying specialized technologies for Breeding, Feed Management, Health Management, Milking, Waste Management, and more.​

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Cellular Agriculture​

Explore the latest advancements & innovations on cultured meat & proteins​

Cellular agriculture focuses on the production of agricultural products from cell cultures using a combination of biotechnology, tissue engineering, molecular biology, and synthetic biology. Technologies include Animal and Plant Cell Culture Farming, Cell Line Development, Feedstock / Nutritious Media Preparation, Proliferation, Maturation, Harvest and Processing Systems, and more.

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