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We offer numerous benefits for Startups, Investors, Corporates, Service Providers and Research Institutes such as to find new Partners, identify Opportunities, save Desk Research Time, pre-qualify Leads and much more.

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Stay up-to-date on the latest Startups, their Competitive Edge & Needs

Bioshyft helps Investors with Deal Sourcing, Data for Assessments, Opportunity Shortlisting, Startup Connections, Bioshyft & Industry Experts and external Experts / Consultants for Due Diligence.

Identify new Startups & Innovations from our 10K+ Startup Database

Manage your Deal Flow with your team via Bioshyft’s Pipeline Feature

Promote your Track Record, Expertise & Investment Focus

Get Bioshyft Expert Advice and Access to external Consultants

Utilize Bioshyft AI with billions of data points for advanced scouting

Receive customized excel / CSV data exports of Bioshyft data

Promote your Solutions and get inspired by new Solutions 24/7

Marketing & Sales Teams can promote and Procurement Teams can find Products, Technologies & Services while Innovation, R&D & CVC Teams can identify new Startups & Technologies.

Find Technologies, Products and Services on our marketplace

Showcase your Solutions on custom-designed pages

Boost Leads via digital booth & visitor analytics

Scout sustainable Innovations via our 10K+ Startup Database

Get Bioshyft Expert Advice and Access to external Consultants

Learn from your Competitors & share your Challenges

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Identify new Clients, gain Insights and show your Reputation via References

Find new potential Clients and build your Lead Pipeline with our Databases and Tools while saving time to stay up to date on latest Industry Trends & Developments via Bioshyft AI & Industry Experts.

Identify & shortlist new Clients from our 31K+ Organization Database

Offer your Services and pre-qualify Leads with your team

Promote your Track Record & Expertise via Client References

Respond to Industry Challenges shared by Corporates

Gain Insights & stay up-to-date on latest Innovations & Technologies

Utilize Bioshyft AI with billions of data points for advanced scouting

Accelerate your Startup with Funding, Leads, Partnerships and Experts

Innovative Technologies and Products are essential to create a more sustainable world and we at Bioshyft like to help all mission-driven Startups to succeed.

Identify & shortlist new Investors from our 15K+ Investor Database

Showcase your Solution, get Leads & attract first B2B Customers

Save time and let us create & update your Marketplace pages

Get highlighted on our social media channels

Respond to Industry Challenges

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Apply for a free “Essential” Package within 2 minutes & save up to €7200 per year

Only Start-ups and Public Institute / University Researchers are eligible to apply for the free Essential Package access. Application takes only 2 minutes. 

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Showcase your Research Results / IP and find Commercial Partners

Research & Development is critical to develop new Solutions accelerating the shyft to a global Bioeconomy and we at Bioshyft like to help Researchers to promote achievements.

Showcase your Projects & Results to potential Partners

Get Automatic Matches & pre-qualify your Partners

Collaborate with Corporates and Investors

Post Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to Startups & Experts

Find new Talents & specialized Service Providers

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