We are Bioeconomy Enthusiasts. Are you too?

A creative and ambitious team building one-of-a-kind global bioeconomy platform. We envision a sustainable bioeconomy system with people, technology and nature working hand-in-hand. 

What We Stand For ​

Passion & Curiosity

We work towards our life goals which are in line with the company goals. We are curious about new innovations/technologies and passionate about the bioeconomy & sustainable impact. We foster diversity along several dimensions as we are curious to get multiple perspectives.

Professionalism & Performance

We behave professional in terms of judgment, communication, kindness, honesty and courage in everything we do. We are high performing in terms of speed and quality of outcomes (not time spend). We reward and celebrate achievements & great ideas.

Teamwork & Responsibility

We are one team, help each other to be great and are selflessness. We balance freedom and responsibility. We are responsible for our actions and the outcomes.

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