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Bioshyft covers all key Food & Beverage Segments​

Food & Beverages Ingredients

Discover the large landscape of bulk & specialty ingredient technologies​

Bulk and specialty ingredients are both covered in this segment. Examples of ingredients include spices, enzymes, emulsifiers, flavors, stabilizers, texturizers, preservatives, antioxidants, sweeteners, fibers, proteins, fucosylated carbohydrates and similar.

Food & Beverages Processing

Explore innovative food and beverage processing tech like PEF, edible coating or 3D printing​

Food and Beverage Processing is the transformation of agricultural products into intermediate or final food and beverage productsFood & Beverage Processes include Cleaning, Sorting, Grading, Milling, Crushing, Fermenting, Fractionating, Mixing / Blending, Extrusion, Pulsed Electric Fields (PEF), Edible Coating, High Pressure Freezing, 3D Printing, and several other processes.

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Alternatives of Meat, Dairy & Other Animal Products

Find tech solutions like fermentation, cell ag or extrusion for alternative meat, dairy, egg, & more​

Alternative products are vegan, vegetarian, plant-based, or cell-based products imitating the flavor, texture, consistence and color of the animal-derived products such as meat, seafood, dairy, eggs, honey, and more. They are typically made of soy, wheat, pea, peanut, oat, rice, corn, lupin, coconut but also derived from biomass or precision fermentation as well as cellular agriculture processes. 

Non-Animal Alternative Products

Alternatives to sugar, gluten and suchlike gain increasing popularity in our health-driven society ​

Alternative food / beverage products for human consumption that differ from the standard products in some / few raw materials but are similar in flavor, texture, consistence, color, etc. often for consumers with intolerances including for example gluten free bread or sugar. This category includes sugar alternatives, grain -/ bread alternatives, gluten alternatives, and similar. 

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Functional Food & Beverages

Food-as-medicine and other functional food trends lead to more and more innovations​

A functional food or beverage has an “added” physiological benefit for its consumer such as orange juice with added plant sterols. Further examples are probiotic drinks, energy drinks, sports drinks, meal replacers, caffeinated beverages and similar. Production processes are postharvest abiotic stresses,  nonthermal processing, and more.

Personalized Food & Beverages​

Learn more about personalized food enabling modern optimization lifestyle ​

There is a growing demand for personalization in the food & beverage sector driven by health and performance optimization mindset of our society. This includes healthy dietary recommendation tailored to your health status, lifestyle, and/or the genetic information. Companies provide for instance apps, platforms, or similar to inform consumers on nutrition, meal planning, medical risks, etc. 

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Food & Beverages Packaging & Labelling

Consumers request advancements in sustainable food packaging & labelling solutions ​

Food Labelling & Packaging is essential to protect consumer health, but sustainability factors gains importance among modern consumers. Innovative Materials include Bio-synthetic Biomass (e.g. microbe-derived, fungi, cell-based, bio-based polymers, wood, seaweed) for aseptic, vacuum, modified atmosphere (MAP) and active / intelligent packaging. 

Food & Beverages Delivery & Consumption

Discover innovative systems and business models for food & beverages delivery & consumption​

Today’s food and beverage delivery and consumption options become increasingly more complex as consumers get more choices and flexibility. Innovative Technologies and Solutions involve Food Preparation & Delivery Solutions (e.g. Virtual Restaurant, Robots), Direct2Consumer Delivery Solutions and Home & Cooking Solutions (e.g. Smart Kitchen Nutrition Technologies), and much more.

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