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Sustainable Seafood Farming

Uncover latest seafood farming technology, closed-loop systems, and more ​

Seafood Farming is a particular type of aquaculture, which is the controlled cultivation and harvesting of aquatic animals such as fish, crustaceans, molluscs, etc. in natural or pseudo-natural environments. It includes Recirculating Seafood Systems, Integrated Multi-Trophic Seafood (IMTA) Systems, Closed-Containment Seafood Systems, and more.​

Macro- / Microalgae & Aquatic Plants Farming​

Explore algae as CO2 absorbing key biomass generator of our bioeconomy​

Macroalgae (farming of seaweeds, kelps, etc.) and microalgae (farming of chlorella, spirulina, etc.) show potential to provide a valuable source of biomass for a wide variety of products. These range from food products, cosmetics, medicines and pharmaceuticals, new materials such as biopolymers for use in solar panels and lastly biofuels. Essential are wild stocks, aquaculture, photobioreactor, fermentation and open pond systems.

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Seafood-based Cellular Farming

Explore the latest advancements & Innovations on cultured seafood

Lab-grown seafood relies on the cultivation of a small number of seafood cells grown in bioreactors and emerged as a potentially more sustainable alternative to traditional seafood. It addresses environmental, animal welfare and public health issues. Technologies applied include Cell Line Development, Feedstock Preparation, Proliferation, Maturation, Harvest Systems, and more.

See if our Aquaculture Platform Section is right for you.​

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