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Bioshyft’s database covers Water & Wastewater and Renewable Energy Industry as key bioeconomy enabler. 

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Water & Waste-water

Explore advanced wastewater treatments for sustainable & circular water usage​

Generating fresh water from waste-water becomes more important due to increasing water-stressed regions around the world. This category includes agricultural, industrial, municipal, and residential water and solutions around water monitor, store, extract, treat, store, quality-check, transport, re-use, and recycle.

Renewable Energy

Discover innovations in the renewable energy sector as key bioeconomy enabler​

Companies included are active in renewable energy production (e.g. solar, wind, hydropower, biofuels), energy storage (e.g. chemical-, thermal energy storage), renewable energy supply (e.g. electric power-, heating & cooling-supply), energy efficiency (e.g. of building, appliances), and similar.

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