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Circularity-by-Design & Waste Reduction

Closed biological circles are essential for the bioeconomy-shyft ​

Circular design means using materials efficiently and keeping products and materials in use for as long as possible. This includes companies that for example provide circular economy related services, sharing- and re-usage offers, waste reduction technologies, circular economy coordination, or similar services in the field of bioeconomy.

Startups in Circularity-by-Design & Waste Reduction Industry​

Investors in Circularity-by-Design & Waste Reduction Industry ​

Corporates in Circularity-by-Design & Waste Reduction Industry

Services in Circularity-by-Design & Waste Reduction Industry

Marketplaces & Platforms

Find information, products and services on platforms specialized on bioeconomy segments​

A platform is a digital service connecting customers on different sides of the market. These sets of customers may be businesses or individuals while the platform may create commercial or social networking opportunities. Bioshyft lists platforms such as marketplace for products, services and dedicated reports specifically related to the circular bioeconomy.

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Logistics & Storage Services

Logistic services are critical in a bioeconomy since biological goods need to be moved on time​

Delivering products on time and at reasonable costs is often a challenge – especially in the bioeconomy industry where factors such as temperature are additional hurdles. Therefore, Bioshyft provides an overview of service provider offering logistics, transportation, shipping, storage, warehousing, or similar services.

Startups in Logistic & Storage Service Industry

Investors in Logistic & Storage Service Industry

Corporates in Logistic & Storage Service Industry

Services in Logistic & Storage Service Industry

Research & Development Services

Explore research & development institutions that reshape the bioeconomy industry​

Advancements in research and development are critical to achieve better resource efficiency and to expand the range of bio-based products. Companies may contract R&D service provider to perform lab tests and investigations to develop new or improved technologies or products, processes, or systems.

Startups in Research & Development Service Industry ​

Investors in Research & Development Service Industry ​

Corporates in Research & Development Service Industry

Services in Research & Development Service Industry

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Procurement Services

Realize best possible terms for feedstock with the help of procurement service providers​

Procurement service providers help bioeconomy companies to receive the right products at the most cost-effective prices on time. Some of the most common procurement services include procurement data management, strategic sourcing, supplier relationship management, cost analysis, spend analytics, risk mitigation, and further.

Startups in Procurement Service Industry

Investors in Procurement Service Industry ​

Corporates in Procurement Service Industry

Services in Procurement Service Industry

Marketing & Sales Services

Reach potential clients by targeted advertising and effective sales solutions to grow your business​

Marketing service providers help bioeconomy clients to increase their brand image and drive their messages in the market. Sales as a service enables bioeconomy clients to outsource sales-related tasks to increase sales without large fixed cost blocks. This concept often functions alongside internal sales teams to offer specialized services or functions as an extension.

Startups in Marketing & Sales Service Industry ​

Investors in Marketing & Sales Service Industry ​

Corporates in Marketing & Sales Service Industry

Services in Marketing & Sales Service Industry

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HR Management & Talent Scouting Services

Win experts & talents for your business with the support of specialized HR service providers​

Selecting and winning the greatest experts and improving employees’ know-how will be critical for a competitive advantage in the bioeconomy. HR service providers free their client’s HR units for more strategic and inhouse work and offer activities such as scouting and screening candidates. onboarding the new hire, training and development, and similar.

Startups in HR Management & Talent Scouting Service Industry

Investors in HR Management & Talent Scouting Service Industry

Corporates in HR Management & Talent Scouting Service Industry

Services in HR Management & Talent Scouting Service Industry

Finance & Legal

Find specialized finance & legal service providers within bioeconomy sectors​

Finance service providers conduct financial accounting, auditing, payments, insurance, taxation etc. often in combination with legal advices while law firms provide legal support for their clients. Bioshyft lists service providers for legal and / or finance tasks with a special focus on the bioeconomy.

Startups in Finance & Legal Industry

Investors in Finance & Legal Industry

Corporates & Service Providers in Finance & Legal Industry

Services in Finance & Legal Industry

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Regulation & Certification / Labelling

Get guidance on the most relevant regulations, certifications & labels within bioeconomy sectors​

The number of regulations, certifications & labels is large and ever-growing. Certification and labelling services are often performed by 3rd parties for verify the quality of products, processes or services and whether they comply with regulations. Bioshyft lists several certification and labelling service providers focused on bioeconomy sectors. 

Startups in Regulation & Certification / Labelling Industry ​

Investors in Regulation & Certification / Labelling Industry ​

Corporates in Regulation & Certification / Labelling Services Industry

Services in Regulation & Certification / Labelling Industry

Education & Consulting

Accelerate your bioeconomy business via consulting and education services​

Consultancies or education firms provide professional expertise and consult / educate in a broad range of domains (e.g. management, engineering, and other). Bioshyft lists consultancies and education firms specialized on bioeconomy sectors. 

Startups in Education & Consulting Industry

Investors in Education & Consulting Industry​

Corporates in Education & Consulting Industry

Services in Education & Consulting Industry

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Increase your visibility among bioeconomy actors via media and publishers ​

A media company is a multifaceted entity that specializes in the ideation, creation, and distribution of content across a diverse range of platforms, social media channels, websites, radio, physical places, and more. Bioshyft covers all media companies in the bioeconomy.

Startups in Media Industry

Investors in Media Industry

Corporates in Media Industry

Services in Media Industry

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